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Business is about SELLING.

Whatever you charge money for - products, services, time - sales is the lifeblood of any business. Your web site should be the medium that attracts, informs and retains potential buyers - so use USP to make the most efficient possible use of the web and anciliary features. 

The future of TV and the Web: TouchCast 



TouchCast is a video app for the iPad and PC that has the potential to change almost everything about the way to get the most from presentations, publishing, education and communication. TouchCast seamlessly blends HD video and web applications as never before, to create immersive and fully interactive shows/ programmes and presentations within an HD Video "container".

You have not seen anything like TouchCast before - it is the start of a new media revolution - the app is free, and you will be astonished at what you (and it) can do - with very little effort.

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 Media basics:

Commercial media exists to introduce buyers to sellers. The fact that some media is interesting is a simple device to help attract an audience. The nature of the content used to attract the audience can be tailored to help define (or "profile") the interests of that audience (which could be your own customers). Where the media owner does not directly benefit from the introduction, the seller is an advertiser that pays to reach the media owner's audience. Crucially, if you are not a paying customer, then you are a product to be sold; as users of notionally "free" services like Facebook and Google find out sooner or later.

 Social media:

There is a spectacular amount of nonsense spoken with great conviction about the significance of "social media". But much like daytime TV, it tends to attract a very specific type of consumer audience demographic of limited commercial value. Twitter is a more interesting phenomenon, but the noise level is deafening. USP will show you the best way to make use of the opportunities.

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