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Electronic Commerce: the global village, or the people next door?

If you are an eBay trader, for example, and are wondering just how you are now paying 10% commission on sales and another 4~5% for Paypal, then you already understand what happens when an online monopoly/behemoth is allowed to grow big enough to call all the shots. So if you want to create a better alternative eBay, then USP is ready to provide it!

Web, or mobile - with the ever changing world market, online trading offers business solutions to reach world markets from any location. You don't need to be in a country to sell to customers living there, so with an ever growing online market, and the ability to reach your customers wherever they are.

That said, there are still real problems with reliable international payments and shipment that remain remarkably badly addressed by "traditional" banks and postal services. However, there is still vast and largely untapped scope to operate an online business that services customers within a 20 mile radius of where you live and work. 


USP's e-Commerce solutions provide:

The usual spiel...

  • Professional Layout design with customized theme
  • SEO - Search engine optimization, get to the top!
  • Custom Built Content Management System (CMS)

However, let's cut to the chase: Internet shopping is currently mostly only about the lowest price - and is it in stock?

If you want to operate outside walled malls like Amazon or eBay, then this suggests you have either not thought things through - or really thought them through, and are prepared to do all the many marketing and promotional things necessary to become a "destination site". You are not likely to be discovered by lucky accident. 

Shopping carts sites have clearly defined functions: Show them the goods, tell them the price, tell them if it's in stock, and above all make the checkout process as painless, slick and easy as possible.

Talk to USP for an honest attempt to match your expectations with the realistically achievable. We've seen it all.

Concrete 5 CMS & eCommerce Solution

Fully Custom CMS


  • Product block with extendable meta attributes & customer choices.

  • Product sets for grouping products (for organization, discounts, and more.)

  • Customer choices on products can change the price of a product in any number of ways.

  • Multiple images for every product.

  • Flexible discounts, including free shipping, total-based and product-based.

  • A wide variety of payment gateways and custom shipping modules.

  • Product Image hovers, callouts & overlays.

  • Order history Integration with the built-in concrete5 user profile

  • Support (almost) any currency

  • Tiered/volume pricing

  • Price modifiers on custom attributes.

  •  Minimum order payment amount.

  • Checkout without being a user.

  • Extensible payment gateways.

  • Extendable order attributes. Track lots of different data about your customers.

  • Works with PayPal and out of the box.

  • Add users to multiple groups on specific purchases.

  • Product List block with powerful searching and formatting options.

  • Recently viewed products.

  • Most popular products.

  • Specific searches.

  • Products under this page.

  • Sale/special pricing.

  • Catalog promotional pricing by percentage or fixed amount.

  • Flat rate shipping with base price and per item cost.

  • Sales tax: Specify products as taxable, and charge percentage of those products' value based on a particular country, state/province and postal code combination. Sales tax can also display during checkout without actually being charged.

  • Basic Inventory Management: Automatically subtract in-stock quantities when an item is purchased, or shipped.

  • Order search and export

  • Available in English and French


  • Custom build CMS layout/options/size

  • Custom look - be original and unique stand out in the crowd of shops.

  • Full SEO per product (search engine optimization)

  • No standard production information options

  • Site wide price updates (for daily changes)

  • Full stock Control - Inventory Management: basic or advanced available, automatically subtract in-stock quantities when an item is purchased, or shipped.

  • Post and packaging schemes to your requirements

  • Customer Login required for purchase or No registration required

  • Full testimonials system 

  • Specials/sales sections

  • Multi user

  • Wish list and more advanced shopping cart options available

  • Full product pages with as much information as you require.

  • Multiple section options on products from size/colour/type, with price changes.

  • Multi-language options available upon request.

  • Min/Max order payment options

  • Multiply payment gateways available from PayPal or your local bank.

  • Multi currency

  • Product grouping and management for easy updates and sales

Note: What you need is not here? Then contact USP for more information.