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DXL US: Event days to remember

This ia a complete web-managed online event sales, booking and CRM system, developed over 7 years with a successful US-based operator. DXLUS enables car fanatics get hands-on experience in a range of supercars on carefully chaperoned open-road tours, and on the track - all wrapped up into a full-on hospitality event.

For the auto enthusiast, this is probably "the most fun you can have with your clothes on": DXL US delivers "adult entertainment"; but the web-managed platform can be readily adapted to suit any type of event day. Although you might need to add a few more liability containment clauses for skydiving and alligator training days.

DXLUS also displays an examle of intergration with the photo gallery web service from Shutterfly, where the extensive photo albums of each ebvent are available for participants to browse and download. 

DXLUS Corpoarate