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GP Challenge - an online game of skill rewarded with prizes

Designed to catch the imagination of Formula 1 fans and better engage them with a leading sponsor brand, PGPC is an online game platform where registered players are invited to use their skill to forecast results and win prizes based on predictions for the F1 championship.

The GP challenge is more subtle than you are likely to glean from a first glance. In order to provied the opportunity for players to join throughout the season and still be eligible ofr major priizes, the season is split into 5 groups of 4 races.

The system platform incorporates an integrated player management system with integrat CRM features to manage the various mailing sequences required for alerting players to the deadlines for entries and competitions results etc.

Although all USP sites are designed to be inherently multilingual, the PGPC site is available with translations which include US English/Canadian French around the same North American game - and a separate European French edition.

The player management schme is simple and intuiive...