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E-mail Services:

USP Networks offers a wide range of e-mail solutions, based around standard email platforms that provide forwarding, POP3, IMAP, webmail or SMTP. All are subject to commonsense terms and conditions - which are best summed up as "please don't be an arse". 

Google Apps Mail

These days, we tend to recommend the use of Google mail and Google apps for email, for all small to medium and even large business solutions. Gmail is worldwide email services with excellent uptime and many supplementary apps.

Google Aps is used in conjunction with the domain name(s) of your choice, giving you complete identity control and portability if ever required.

With this scheme, you can have a range of options available from organizational calendars, online documents, address books and much more, linked direct into all your staffs' mail. Gmail supports both Imap/POP3 mail for those who wish to keep mail clients and local copies of there email. Their is support for mobile devices including all the popualr smart ohones and pads.

USP networks will configure and test your Google apps account for the one time fee of £60 with domain alias or multi email address.  The paid account options available are show on this link, Google Pricing, Basic Charge is £33+ VAT per year, see google pricing for more details. 

If you want to trade the low cost and convenience of one of these big hosted mail services - that are being scanned by their operators for the purposes of commercial exploitation of your data - and almost certainly also being scanned and searched by British and US security services (at least), and would prefer a more secure alternative, then we can discuss alternative solutions. 

POP3 Mailbox Account 100Mb = £36pa

POP3 Mailbox Account 100Mb = £36pa  (£20 pa with domain name)

POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol (version 3), comprised of transit mailboxes for email systems so that a user can retrieve and download email to local mail clients (Outlook etc) from a central location where the email waits for delivery. POP3 accounts allow users to have mailboxes on a server with their domain name. This means that if you own the domain name, you can receive email and send from Although USP provides a send (SMTP) outbound gateway for all users an increasing number of ISPs will not permit their users to access SMTP servers outside their immediate network. In which case you may need to use the outbound SMTP service provided by your ISP. USP email is also accessible via a simple advert-free wemail interface. 

Email Forwarding

Email Forwarding £10.00 pa (free with domain registration)

Available with web-basedl configuration. 
Email forwarding is a very useful feature which allows you to have unlimited email addresses at your domain. For example, etc. All mail received at these addresses will be automatically forwarded to a SINGLE existing email address e.g.

This feature can make your email address look far more professional. For example looks far better than

Webmail Interface - Free feature of our POP3, maildrop and filing accounts

Free feature of our POP3, maildrop and filing accounts

Your USP POP3/IMAP mail boxes can be read and managed through the optional webmail interface (including attachment management). This means that you can access the mail from any suitable web browser. This process does not affect the ability to subsequently download and read the mail from your usual off-line POP3 mail client (Outlook etc).

Comprehensive virus Scanning: £3 per mailbox per month

Virus and Spam Scanning £3 per mailbox per month

A basic scan is included with all mailboxes to keep the most obvious nuisances at bay; and an optional paid-for server-based virus scanning uses a user-configurable combination of whitelist, blacklist and pattern matching, and features a web interface with quarantine zones that allow users to review the contents of their mailboxes for a period AFTER delivery in order to post-tag spam, or release suspect items unfairly quarantined.

Password Protected Maildrop Account

Maildrop/ Micro private BBS 100Mb = £36pa

In view of the problems of managing spam, you might like to consider setting up a POP3 mailbox specifically to use as a simple password protected bulletin board, via our simple webmail interface. This address can (and should) be kept confidential and never posted in a public place - or the spammers will inevitably find it. And if they do, you can request a new address and cancel the "compromised" address.