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Advanced Coding and Design

I was going to write a few more paras of general wibble about PHP, JAVA, SQL etc.; but then it occurred that everything boils down to what you want to achieve. And we'll take it as read that you will have a brown ale budget with champagne expectations.

Lots of jargon to bemuse you...


Features / Advantages

  • Animated and interactive designs.

  • Full browser compatibly.

  • Full mobile device compatibility.

  • Smaller file size.

  • New flowing designs and techniques available.

  • Full search engine support.

  • Android and Iphone App design.


Features / Advantages

  • PHP advanced options -

  • Latest HTML techniques.
  • Customized themes using CSS
  • Smaller File size for fast downloading speeds
  • Multi-Browser compatibility

  • Mobile Compatibility for Phones and PADS


Features / Advantages 

  • Custom Made Menu system

  • Drop down menus - JAVA or HTML5 

  • Colour Stylized menus with Roll-over effects

  • Auto-Navigation systems for adding new Pages Main/Sub Menus

  • Sub Menus, Advanced look and feel

  • 3D/2D Effects on Buttons or Rollovers


Features / Advantages

  • JAVA Based web code for Speed and compatibility

  • Perl based code for advanced features

  • Mixed coding allowing for multi-compatibility

  • Mixed coding allows for a solution to any new/advanced options

  • Coding based on the latest in security advances.

Custom Designed CMS

Features / Advantages

  • Designed to your requirements

  • Custom Look and feel

  • Custom reports for visitors sales...

  • Full Support Team

  • Easy Customizable Theme

  • Secure Payment Gateways

SQL Database

Features / Advantages

  • Streamline Designed Data Bases for size and accessibility

  • Custom Queries using your preferred Code

  • Full on site and off site backups available

  • High band-weigh for multi-location access

  • Scalable Resources available to increase speed as size increases

  • Full range of reports available

  • Secure Location with on site security

  • Full encrypted Database for customer/company Information

  • Cloud Hosting for speed and security