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ADSL/Broadband is an "always on" service - your data rate depends on your location, but could be anything up to 8MBit, although 4-6MBit is more likely. ADSL uses an existing copper phone line and can be user-fitted - or installed by an engineer. USP offers a range of options for home and business use - but availability depends on the status of your local BT exchange.

You probbaly already have a DSL connection, and the odds are you get it from one of the big providers with call centres from hell, and a service that feels like it is shared with a million users who all seem to want to watch EastEnders on iPlayer, and take all the available bandwidth. You might also be tied into a 24 month contract if you did not read the small print.

Although many service providers use BT copper lines to deliver their services, they actually manage the "other end" of the conneciton quite differently to BT, and so can offer  benefits that BT anad most other big services do not.

USP provides connectivity services in conjunction with Entanet, a leading specialist ISP that caters for more serious users who need better reliability and speed at all times. For example, USP is (currently) able to provide users with a fixed IP address. We also maintain detailed usage and and diagnostic reporting on all connections; and the contract period is a rolling 30 days, becasue we know you will not want to move away once you have used us!

 squareWireless Networking:

Most ADSL routers include Wi-Fi facilities, but in reality, this only works over 30-40 feet in most building environments. You may need Wi-Fi repeaters to cover the complete area; USP recommends Zyxel products.


Dial-up connectivity means modem connections across traditional (analogue) telephone connections - also known as "POTS" (plain old telephone service) - and this means call charges per minute. It can still be a useful fall-back in some circumstances. The USP dial up service offers 0845 unlimited internet access, and is available to users with a domain hosted with us.