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Content Management System (CMS) Overview

A CMS uses a series of pre-designed page layout templates, that are then populated with text and images provided by the site operator. Although site structure may be an expert function, the content can be edited and managed by non-technical users.

Customized CMS with PHP, SQL, Java and HTML

If we must, we can develop and manage windows server solutions - however there is hardly a "serious" web platform on the web that is built on MS Windows, and there are many good reasons for this. We prefer to work within the Unix community, wherein you will find major sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, eBay, Google etc.

A custom CMS is an indefinitely extensible system that can be tailored to import/export data and interact with just about any other data source or destination. Our custom built solutions will exactly suit your specific requirements - whatever they may be. Custom designed content management systems are coded in PHP, JS, HTML & HTML5 with MySQL databases using custom-created DBs and DB look-up queries that reflect your requirements exactly.. Fully personalised themes to suit you or your company’s look and feel, and to promote your online business, with banners, HTML5 animation, you own advert insertion schemes or embedded 3rd party advert networks, interaction, mobile and much more. The latest programming techniques incorporate SEO (search engine optimization) as standard, for all pages, products, or news feeds. 

Open Source CMS - Drupal - Joomla - WordPress - Concrete5 - Bricolage etc 

Open source development systems are designed to work with standard databases (generally MySQL), They are (allegedly) easy to use, and understand multi-user systems designed to allow the end user the option of live updates through simple on-page text editors and add-ons. The "back end" is based on a pre-built range of functions and options, which means that there is trade off between functionality and cost. Our team can fully customize the look and feel of your site within the limits of the CMS and include mobile and tablet access, with the cost based upon time spent on the customization of the design "themes" (templates) and data input and manipulation required. All system can include posts/articles or blogging systems - plus ecommerce systems for smaller catalogue sites. Also, all contain a multi-user system for handling multiple sign-ups or donations or even blog publication, with a vast range of add-ons and extras available for these systems, they offer a cheaper alternative to create a good looking practical web site for the small to medium business.

What CMS best suits your needs?

Concrete 5

One of the most recent CMS on the market, designed with simplicity and customization in mind, using CSS style sheets, PHP and HTML5. Does just about anything available from the  other (now baggage-laden) systems. Unlike Wordpress, this C5 system is designed around the web pages and look and feel of a web site rather than a blogging system. Extensive  customization and add-ons are available to turn your site from a Flash MX/HTML5 animated or interactive site or into a Ecommerce system with shopping cart with stock control and delivery options available. C5 scales better than most others from a simple 5 page portfolio site with contact information, to a site incorporating HD photos/videos from services such as Vimeo, Youtube and links with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn  and others.


Drupal is a venerable template CMS system now up to release 9. It is a frequently used as publication solution, designed for advanced blogs & articles with a choice of many themes. With even more free or paid add-ons available for anything you need including YouTube streaming videos, to flash/HTML5 banners of different styles size and more. However, as the application becomes more detailed and customised, there comes a point where a fully-talored solution created using a PHP framework like Symfony gives better control, performance and functionality is a better long-term choice.


Template CMS systems designed for advanced blogs & articles with hundreds of themes and styles available. With even more free or paid add-ons available for anything you need including YouTube streaming videos, to flash/HTML5 banners of different styles size and more. Being one of the first customer management systems it has years of testing, and support forums, USP Networks has been a developer of Joomla solutions with expertise in the design and management of sites. 


A blogging and articles systems designed for large numbers of users and viewer capacity with website with custom themes site design built in. Easy to use and set-up, but don’t worry if you’re not technically minded and don’t know how to code. Here at USP we can help you with everything from the set-up of the website, domains etc, or Design and built the site for you to your required look and feel. Want to try yourself? No problem, but if you get stuck our team will be available to help.

Windows v Unix

All the above systems are provided on open source (free) Unix platforms; most also have Windows implementations. We are not fans of any Windows systems, and now the very UNIX-oriented "cloud" has taken off, there is even less reason to pay over the odds and suffer the endless disruptive updates of Windows. But if you must...